Comp Format

Each boulder counts for one point so that you need to do all the easy ones too. With this format, the climbers will be constantly moving around. No one should be able to climb them all so you will need a strategy for spreading apart the harder and the easier climbs. With this format, the strongest climbers will not necessarily win.

We strongly recommend for all competitors to download the Rakkup Oukaimeden Guidebook for the festival. The guys from Rakkup created a special feature in their guidebook for the OukBoulderfest. All sends that you tick will be added to the OukBoulderfest leaderboard. 

The comp will start at 09:00. We will put up a base camp at the 'Bread' boulder in the Bakery sector. For those who have the guidebook can navigate easily to the 'Bread' boulder. We will put up some banners that will make it easy to find the OBF basecamp for those who don't have the guidebook. 

Why a bouldering event in Morocco?

Great question. First of all, we would love for as many people as possible to come to Morocco to experience this amazing country, it's wonderful people, and the unbelievable bouldering at Oukaimeden in the High Atlas Mountains. This is an incredible place and we see the potential of Oukaimeden becoming a worldwide bouldering destination. We hope that this event will continue to help put Oukaimeden 'on the map' in the world climbing scene.

In addition, we are excited to bring an event of this kind to the local community to help stimulate economic and social development as well as promote climbing in Morocco and encourage local Moroccan boulderers and climbers. This will be the first climbing event of it's kind in all of North Africa and we see this event continuing and growing into an annual event that brings climbers from all over the world.

get your festival tickets here :)

Practical Stuff

Your Stay

You can stay in the comfortable Club Alpine Francais (CAF) in Oukaimeden. This is very conveniently located within walking distance of the the major boulder fields where we will be climbing. You can recognize the CAF by a big OukBoulderfest banner that we will put up. We have negotiated a reduced rate for the weekend for those that are a part of the Oukaimeden Boulderfest.

In case you also want to join the imik'simik-trip while you're in OUK you can stay in the big private chalet of Mostapha. For more info check or send an email to


It is most convenient to fly into Marrakech (RAK) and the village of Oukaimeden in the High Atlas Mountains is just a beautiful 1.5 hour drive from the city. Most will find it easiest to rent a car in Marrakech and drive to Oukaimeden yourself although there are public transportation options available. Once you register for the event, we will send you further information including specific directions on how to get to Oukaimeden. You should plan at least a little time either before or after the event to immerse yourself in the crazy and exotic city of Marrakech.


Tickets are €25 - and includes entrance to the competition, the film screening, lunch, dinner, and live music on Saturday night. For €40,- you will also get a festival shirt with it (only pre-order shirts available). Tickets will be available soon.

Use of MAD ROCK crash pads is included in the price during the competition, say thx to Mad Rock :)

Send us an email if you want to rent them outside the comp as well (between €7,5 and €10 per day per pad)


Siked?! Of course! Well....Get in contact via INFO@OUKBOULDERFEST.COM